Friday, 6 May 2016

Better that way...

Better that way...
I could no longer understand us anymore
Discussing and saying things that we weren't sure
I could see so much indifference in your eyes

Better that way...
Than pretend that our love hasn't gone
If your wishes can't be satisfied by no one
If in fact for you I am not longer nobody else

Better that way...
Love is a pursuit, so don't feel guilty or even sad
I wish someone give to you what I didn't have
That you may have everything you've always dreamed about

But go away now...
It's been so long loving you, my heart is sore
It's been so long loving you to back and forth
Before I surrender, kneeling begging you to stay

But go away now...
Forward and backwards, I can't hold no more
Before my tears drop down, humbling my proud
And I beg you to stay...

But go away now... and
Don't say anything
The pain is mine.
I can handle it, believe.
I'll give you forgetfulness and forgiveness
And I'll learn to forget that I loved
While I learn to remember how to live.