Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Night dreams -- Based in a true story

Many years have passed by
My day was fine but when is falling night
My dreams insist seeking you

Another sleepless night
I try to forget so I take my car and drive
but all that I think is you

So in my dream last night
a train station by the seaside
it was so good to be true

but you turned around and cried
holding in your hands a poem that was mine
the first that I wrote for you

She came to say goodbye
I could see the tears in her eyes
and her train was departing too

I said one more time
Listen to the voice inside
and I'll say my last words for you

Just think one more time
before you ever say goodbye
Leaving everything behind

Your train is just approaching now
Inside of this terminal
We are running out of time

So hold in my hands and now
Looking into my eyes and now
Tell me if you see the truth

Tell me you believe me now
Tell me what do you think about....

Then I woke up without you ;-(