Wednesday, 24 February 2016

3 steps to the happiness

1 - Feed your body
You can't survive without eating; you won't last long if you look after yourself inappropriately. The first rule to give a satisfactory love is, love yourself first. Spend time with yourself, try to eat properly, healthy and you will see changes in your mood happen. Don’t wait for a extra motivation to do something, join a gym, buy a bike, go for a run around the block. Build a routine.
When your physical is in good conditions you open space inside your mind for love and to be loved. Remember that the most important thing is not what people will say to you about you, about your body or your ways to keep yourself feeling good. The real change is not just on the exterior, but is what happens inside yourself; feeling happier, self confident and self motivated, to keep walking towards your targets in life.

2 - Feed your mind
Feed your intellectual side, study. Learn something: a second language. Join a short course of something that you never thought about. Feed your brain with information. Make yourself able to speak and feel secure talking to people, whether they be a street person or the President. Be flexible. Be wise. Let your mind always relaxed and try not to act in moments of stress.
The book “The Magic of Thinking Big”, written by David Schwartz says something interesting about life that we can surely adapt when we talk about love, he says: “The greatest human weakness is self-deprecation, selling oneself cheap. Big thinkers are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the minds of others. Big thinkers train themselves to see not just what is, but what can be”.
Prepare your mind and creates opportunities to make yourself confident and optimistic and love gonna happen by right reasons on the right time.

3 - Feed your soul
The state of spirit is a crucial element in life. Life can give you surprises that are not always so adorable. For these special moments, your spirit needs to be fed and relaxed in order to find the answers you need inside yourself.
It doesn't matter what you believe, if you are religious or not, everybody has a soul. Is the soul that keeps the balance and create the harmony between your body and your mind.
Believe in yourself, in your instincts and find a way to keep feeding your soul your spirit constantly. A good emotional control begins with a satisfied soul. You can’t win a battle if your spirit is scared, so there are three basic steps to drive change: Keep your physical self in good condition, relieve your mind stress, prepare your soul, then take Action. All the other things that you achieve in life are just a consequence of these three basic elements working together, parallel, in balance and harmony,  Body+Mind+Soul. 

Ben Scheidt by "Love Upside Down", - March 2014.